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Software Downloads

The hierarchical-3.0 codes are developed in the Larson group for predicting
the linear rheological properties of general mixtures of branched polymers 
with arbitrary distributions of molecular weights and branching architectures.  Development of this software was supported by the National Science Foundation under NSF DMR 0604965.


A fast "pointer" simulation method is developed in Larson's group that extends the model of Cates and coworkers for the rheology of entangled wormlike micelles, which is suitable for predicting the rheological behavior and extracting the micellar parameters for experimental wormlike micellar solutions. Development of this method was support by NSF under grants CBET-0853662 and DMR 0906587.


The following compressed folder contains MATLAB scripts along with a manual needed to perform a flash calculation in a mixture of oppositely and strongly charged polyelectrolytes and salt of known bulk composition and salinity based on the molecular thermodynamic model of complex coacervation developed in our lab (c.f. Salehi, A. Larson, R.G. Macromolecules 2016 (49) pp. 9706-9719). Support for the development of this code by the National Science Foundation (NSF) grant number DMR 1403335 is gratefully acknowledged.

Flash Calculation for Mixture of Oppositely Charged Strongly Dissociating Polyelectrolytes.zip