The Linderman Research Group

department of chemical engineering @ the university of michigan

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Jennifer Linderman, PhD
Pamela Raymond Collegiate Professor of Engineering

Joseph Cicchese
Ph.D. Candidate, ChE
Modeling and optimization of
tuberculosis antibiotic regimens

Patrick Kinnunen
Ph.D. Candidate, ChE
Statistical modeling of cancer cell signaling
Paul Wolberg
Research Staff
Computer programming support
for multi-scale models

Bruna Menezes
Ph.D. Candidate, ChE
Modeling the effect of tumor vascularization on drug delivery
Raymond Asare
Ph.D. Candidate, ChE
Modeling of cellular signaling heterogeneity
Louis Joslyn
Ph.D. Candidate, Bioinformatics
Multi-scale modeling of adaptive immunity to develop novel TB vaccines
Celia Shujun Dong
Ph.D. Candidate, ChE
Modeling antibody drug conjugates and drug delivery