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Steven Chavez

Steven Chavez

PhD Candidate

Contact Information

Phone: (734) 647-8051
Office: B28-1031E NCRC


PhD in Progress
Chemical Engineering
University of Michigan

BS May 2015
Chemical Engineering
University of California, Berkeley


Engineering the Optical and Catalytic Properties of Co-Catalyst/Semiconductor Photocatalysts

P. Hernley, S. Chavez, J. Quinn, S. Linic, ACS Photonics, 2017

Electrocatalytic Hydrogenation of Oxygenates using Earth-Abundant Transition-Metal Nanoparticles under Mild Conditions

K.J. Carroll, T. Burger, L. Lungenegger, S. Chavez, S.T. Hunt, Y. Roman-Leshkov, F.R. Brushett, ChemSusChem, 2016.

Honors & Awards

Professional Development

Oral Presentations

  1. AIChE Annual Meeting, "Mechanism and Design Principles for Directing Energy Flow in Multicomponent Plasmonic Systems"; Minneapolis, MN, 10/2017.
  2. AIChE Annual Meeting, "Impact of Combining Metal Nanoparticle Catalysts and Semiconductor Photoelectrodes on Photocatalytic Performance"; San Francisco, CA, 11/2016.
  3. SHPE National Conference, "Embedded Electrocatalyst/Semiconductor Scheme for Improves Solar Fuel Generation Systems"; Seattle, WA, 11/2016.

Poster Presentations

  1. UM Engineering Graduate Symposium, "Engineering Energy Flow in Multicomponent Plasmonic Photocatalysts"; Ann Arbor, MI, 10/2017.
  2. ChE Graduate Symposium, " Mechanism and Design Principles for Directing Energy Flow in Multicomponent Plasmonic Systems "; Ann Arbor, MI, 5/2017.
  3. AIChE Annual Meeting, "Understanding the Mechanisms and Key Parameters that Influence the Performance of Composite Semiconductor/Electrocatalyst Photoelectrodes"; San Francisco, CA, 11/2016.
  4. Conference of Ford Fellows, "Manipulating Semiconductor-Metal Interactions for Improved Solar Fuel Generation Systems"; Washington, DC, 9/2016.
  5. UC Berkeley NERDtopia, "Improving Composite Photoelectrodes for Solar Fuels"; Berkeley, CA, 03/2016.