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Steven Chavez

Steven Chavez

PhD Candidate

Contact Information

Phone: (734) 647-8051
Office: B28-1031E NCRC


PhD in Progress
Chemical Engineering
University of Michigan

BS May 2015
Chemical Engineering
University of California, Berkeley


Catalytic conversion of solar to chemical energy on plasmonic metal nanostructures

U. Aslam, V. Govind Rao, S. Chavez and S. Linic, Nature Catalysis, 1, 656-665, 2018.

Design Principles for Directing Energy and Energetic Charge Flow
in Multicomponent Plasmonic Nanostructures

S. Chavez, U. Aslam and S. Linic, ACS Energy Letters, 3, 1590-1596, 2018.

Engineering the Optical and Catalytic Properties of Co-Catalyst/Semiconductor Photocatalysts

P. Hernley, S. Chavez, J. Quinn, S. Linic, ACS Photonics, 2017

Electrocatalytic Hydrogenation of Oxygenates using Earth-Abundant Transition-Metal Nanoparticles under Mild Conditions

K.J. Carroll, T. Burger, L. Lungenegger, S. Chavez, S.T. Hunt, Y. Roman-Leshkov, F.R. Brushett, ChemSusChem, 2016.

Honors & Awards

Professional Development

Oral Presentations

  1. AIChE Annual Meeting, "Mechanism and Design Principles for Directing Energy Flow in Multicomponent Plasmonic Systems"; Minneapolis, MN, 10/2017.
  2. AIChE Annual Meeting, "Impact of Combining Metal Nanoparticle Catalysts and Semiconductor Photoelectrodes on Photocatalytic Performance"; San Francisco, CA, 11/2016.
  3. SHPE National Conference, "Embedded Electrocatalyst/Semiconductor Scheme for Improves Solar Fuel Generation Systems"; Seattle, WA, 11/2016.

Poster Presentations

  1. UM Engineering Graduate Symposium, "Engineering Energy Flow in Multicomponent Plasmonic Photocatalysts"; Ann Arbor, MI, 10/2017.
  2. ChE Graduate Symposium, " Mechanism and Design Principles for Directing Energy Flow in Multicomponent Plasmonic Systems "; Ann Arbor, MI, 5/2017.
  3. AIChE Annual Meeting, "Understanding the Mechanisms and Key Parameters that Influence the Performance of Composite Semiconductor/Electrocatalyst Photoelectrodes"; San Francisco, CA, 11/2016.
  4. Conference of Ford Fellows, "Manipulating Semiconductor-Metal Interactions for Improved Solar Fuel Generation Systems"; Washington, DC, 9/2016.
  5. UC Berkeley NERDtopia, "Improving Composite Photoelectrodes for Solar Fuels"; Berkeley, CA, 03/2016.