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Umar Aslam

Umar Aslam

PhD Candidate

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Contact Information

Phone: (734) 647-8051
Office: B28-1028E NCRC


PhD in progress
Chemical Engineering
University of Michigan

MS December 2015
Chemical Engineering
University of Michigan

BS May 2013
Chemical Engineering
Georgia Tech

Honors & Awards

Oral Presentations

  1. Chemical Engineering Graduate Symposium, "Engineering plasmonic nanostructures to direct energy flow to catalytically active sites", Ann Arbor, MI, 05/2017.
  2. Michigan Catalysis Society Symposium, "Engineering energy flow in plasmonic catalysis through the design of multicomponent nanostructures", Ann Arbor, MI, 05/2017.

Poster Presentations

  1. AIChE Annual Meeting, "Mechanism of charge transfer from plasmonic nanostructures to chemically attached materials "; San Francisco, CA, 11/2016.
  2. Michigan Engineering Graduate Symposium, "Plasmon induced reconstruction of Ag-Pt bimetallic hollow nanoparticles", Ann Arbor, MI, 11/2015.