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The assembly of nanocolloids into useful structures has long been a key aim of chemical engineers and material scientists. We address this challenge by synthesizing anisotropic colloids and self-assembling them with the assistance of applied electric, shear and gravitational fields. More...
Structural rigidity is the governing principle used in the construction of bridges, buildings, and domes that are capable of withstanding large loads. Our group has experimentally observed structural rigidity in colloidal gels. More...
With Dr. John Younger of the U-M Department of Emergency Medicine and collaborators at two other universities, we are exploring the biomechanical properties of bacterial biofilms. Biofilms are colonies of microoganisms that are pervasive in a range  of natural and industrial settings. More...

Nanocolloidal assembly




Keara Saud joined the group as a graduate student (October 2016)

Joanne Beckwith, Peng-Kai Kao, Tianyu Liu and Yanliang Liu joined the group as graduate students (October 2015)

Lilian Hsiao’s and Megan Szakasits’s paper “Metastable orientational order of colloidal discoids” was published in Nature Communications (October 2015)

Dr. Sepideh Razavi joined the group as a Post Doc (September 2015)

Youngri Kim successfully defended her thesis "Beyond Equilibrium Assembly" and began employment at Gilead Sciences Inc. (September 2015)


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Recent publications

This website will give you a brief introduction to the research done in the lab and the people working in it. Please feel free to contact Prof. Solomon or any of the other group members for opportunities about research opportunities or specific research related inquiries.

-The Solomon Group

Michigan Engineering

Metastable orientational order of colloidal discoids

Lilian C. Hsiao, Benjamin A. Schultz, Jens Glaser, Michael Engel, Megan E. Szakasits, Sharon C. Glotzer & Michael J. Solomon

Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering

Nature Communications 6, 8507 (2015)

Binding kinetics of lock and key colloids

Laura Colón-Meléndez, Daniel J. Beltran-Villegas, Greg van Anders, Jun Liu, Matthew Spellings, Stefano Sacanna, David J. Pine, Sharon C. Glotzer, Ronald G. Larson & Michael J. Solomon

Departments of Chemical Engineering & Physics

The Journal of Chemical Physics (2015)

Artificial biofilms establish the role of matrix interactions in staphylococcal biofilm assembly and disassembly

Elizabeth J. Stewart, Mahesh Ganesan, John G. Younger & Michael J. Solomon

Departments of Chemical Engineering and Emergency Medicine

Scientific Reports, 5, 13081 (2015)