Pioneers in Cellular Adhesion & Vascular Targeted Drug Delivery

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2018 Eniola-Adefeso Lab Holiday Party/Potluck
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Optimal particle ligand conformations depend on the exact surface expression of the endothelium.
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Zwitterion-stabilization confers "stealth" properties to biodegrable microspheres.
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Intravenously injected VTCs interact dynamically with cells in the complex fluid of blood.
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RBC geometry, rigidity, and RBC concentration impacts margination of cells and particles in blood flow, thereby informing the treatment model of sickle cell disease.



    Summer 2019

  • The lab welcomes visiting Ph.D candidate Ben Czaja from the Computational Science Lab at the University of Amsterdam. 😜
  • Hooray! Emma has been awarded an NSF GRFP award!
  • Winter 2019

  • Woo-hoo! Billy has been awarded a Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship!
  • Congratulations to Lola for receiving a 2019 MLK Faculty Spirit Award!
  • The lab team bids Mario a safe and adventurous journey completing a research collaboration with the Netanel Korin Lab at Technion Israel Institute of Technology.
  • Fall 2018

  • Prof. Eniola-Adefeso has been awarded a 2018 Rackham Faculty Recognition Award!
  • We welcome 1st year Ph.D student Emma Brannon to the lab team!
  • Congratulations to Billy on his first author publication in Acta Biomaterialia: ”PEGylation of model drug carriers enhances phagocytosis by primary human neutrophils.”
  • Summer 2018

  • Congratulations to Alison for her excellence in presenting at a Gordon Research Conference!
  • Woo-Hoo! Hanieh has published a 1st author publication in Journal of Colloid and Interface Science: "Modified two-step emulsion solvent evaporation technique for fabricating biodegradable rod-shaped particles in the submicron size range".
  • Winter 2018

  • Congratulations to Jonathan for receiving a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship!
  • We welcome 1st year Ph.D students Jonathan Lee and Violet Sheffey to the lab team!
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