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Over the last two decades Professor Fogler has centered his research on problems related to upstream engineering, focusing mainly on asphaltene and paraffin deposition. Under Professor Fogler's guidance 44 Ph.D. students have graduated, publishing over 230 research articles. He and his students are well known for their work on paraffin and asphaltene flow, reaction and precipitation kinetics; fused chemical reactions; gelation kinetics; colloidal phenomena; and catalyzed dissolution of minerals. In addition to funding by government agencies, an industrial affiliates funding program has been in existence for over 35 years. Currently the affiliates program consists of 9 major oil companies that each provides $50,000 annually. A number of research results are now being used in industrial applications.

Recent News

  • Prof. Fogler receives honorary doctorate from Universiatat Rovira i Virgili

  • The fifth edition of the Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering was just released in January 2016. This definitive, fully updated guide to solving real-world chemical reaction engineering problems integrates text, visuals, and computer simulations to help both undergraduate and graduate students master all of the field's fundamentals.

  • A new book out of the Fogler Group covers the entire spectrum of knowledge on wax deposition. The book delivers a detailed description of the thermodynamic and transport theories for wax deposition modeling as well as a comprehensive review of laboratory testing for the establishment of appropriate field control strategies.

  • 25/50/75 Celebration for Prof. Fogler!

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