The University of Michigan Industrial Affiliates Program

This research is supported by a consortium of industrial sponsors. Each company contributes annually so that we may solve fundamental problems that have scientific and industrial impact. Current sponsor fees are $50,000/year.

Our Affiliates Program in Flow and Reaction in Porous Media at the University of Michigan has been in existence for over 35 years. While the original title of our program still exists, Flow and Reaction in Porous Media, the majority of our work is now on upstream engineering, which includes asphaltenes and paraffin problems.

Industrial Affiliate members attend an annual meeting in Ann Arbor each year and receive copies of all the presentations, which includes all data and information generated while the company is a member. In addition to annual reports and copies of completed theses written for each project are provided. We also encourage interaction between affiliate companies and graduate students in our laboratories, as well as student internships at the affiliate labs. Some of our most creative and competent students throughout the year have taken employment at affiliate companies.

Sponsors may also receive non-exclusive license for the use of any product or procedure developed under the Industrial Affiliates Program at no licensing fee. Exceptions to this would be in cases where such licenses would conflict with preceding license agreements, or University policy.

For further information about the Affiliates Program please contact Professor Fogler at

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