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3/10/2022: Congrats to Jacques Esterhuizen for winning the Kokes Award. Thank you North American Catalysis Society for supporting him!

2/12/2022: We had a fun lab event completing an escape room at Decode Ypsilanti. We managed to complete all the puzzles in record time!

2/10/2022: Goldsmith had great visit to the Department of Chemistry at Wayne State University.

11/08/2021: Congratulations to Dylan Herrera for winning first place in the AIChE undergraduate poster competition for his section! Very well deserved.

10/15/2021: Welcome Ankit, Cameron, and Tosin officially to the group! A new group photo to celebrate the occasion.

9/24/2021: Jacques Esterhuizen was awarded the annual Research Excellence Award in the Department of Chemical Engineering. Congratulations and well-deserved!

8/16/2021: Goldsmith is Co-PI on a recently funded NSF DMREF Grant. The Goldsmith Lab is excited to collaborate with the Labs of Suljo Linic, Eranda Nikolla, and Nirala Singh.

6/10/2021: Congratulations to Dr. Zixuan Wang for successfully passing her thesis defense! It has been great to have you in our lab and co-advised with the Singh Lab. We are excited to watch your future career in Science and Technology Policy.

5/1/2021: Jacob Florian and Eric Musa have both graduated with their BS in Chemical Engineering. Congratulations! It has been wonderful having you both in the lab over the past few years.

4/28/2021: Jonathan Lee will be doing a summer research internship at MIT Materials Research Lab. We wish you a great time there!

3/31/2021: Congratulations to Jacob Florian for being a 2021 Hertz Foundation Fellowship Finalist, as well as all the other extraordinary applicants.

3/23/2021: We are very happy that Jacob Florian was awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. We look forward to following your future research in graduate school!

3/19/2021: Congrats to Jacob for accepting the Churchill Scholarship. He is the 1st person in ChE Department at Michigan to be selected since 1979 and the 15th person to be awarded at UofM since its inception.

3/12/2021: Jacob Florian was awarded the Distinguished Achievement Undergraduate Award in Chemical Engineering at University of Michigan for demonstrated academic achievement, exemplary character, and leadership in class and activities. He was also awarded the George M. Landes Prize for Technical Communication for excellence and creativity in both technical and presentation skills. Congratulations!

2/20/2021: We are excited to participate on this team project titled "CO2 to Fuels Through Chemistry and Technology" that was generously funded by the Graham Sustainability Institute.

2/6/2021: We went cross-country skiing as a group and had a great (socially distanced) time!

11/24/2020: Congrats to Eric Musa, who was awarded first place in the AIChE Undergraduate Student Poster Competition in the CRE group. His poster title was: Optimized Machine Learning Potential Reconstruction for Enhanced Catalysis Research.

10/26/2020: Jacques was awarded a Travel Grant from the Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division to help present his research at the 2020 AIChE National Conference!

10/26/2020: Prof. Goldsmith was awarded an ACS PRF Doctoral New Investigator Grant to use atomistic modeling and data science tools to study atomically dispersed metal ions on amorphous materials for olefin conversion.

10/2/2020: Zixuan Wang was awarded a 2020 Women in Chemical Engineering Travel Award to the AIChE National Conference. Congratulations!

9/9/2020: Prof. Goldsmith was selected as an AIChE 35 under 35 Awardee in the category of Energy and Environment!

7/16/2020: Jacques Esterhuizen was awarded the J. Robert Beyster Computational Innovation Graduate Fellowship. This fellowship will support his research on interpretable machine learning for catalysis applications for 1 year. Congrats!

6/10/2020: Congratulations to both Isaiah Barth and Samuel Young for passing their preliminary PhD exams with flying colors! Very well-deserved, and we look forward to what you accomplish next.

6/1/2020: Congratulations to Jacob Florian for being awarded the prestigious Astronaut Scholarship!

3/27/2020: Congratulations to Jacob Florian for being awarded the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship. One of the 50 undergraduate engineers in the country to be selected. Also, another big congrats to Jacob for being awarded the Henry Ford II Scholarship, which is an award to the top junior engineering student in the entire college of engineering at UofM. We are very proud of you!

1/07/2020: Bryan Goldsmith named Dow Corning Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering! [link].

12/20/2019: Goldmith lab awarded Awarded 7,450,000 CPU hrs by the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center of the Department of Energy [Contract No. DE-AC02-05CH11231]! These computer resources will enable multiple computational modeling projects on catalysts and materials for sustainable fuel production, pollution abatement, and energy storage.

11/05/2019: Congrats to Eric Musa for winning 2nd place in the Catalysis and Reaction Engineering II section of the 2019 AIChE Undergraduate Poster Competition for his poster "Using Machine Learning with a Genetic Algorithm for Enhanced Catalysis Research"!

9/19/2019: Goldsmith is Co-PI on a recently funded DOE-FES Center for Low Temperature Plasma Interactions with Complex Interfaces. We are excited to work with PI Mark Kushner, Co-PI Aditya Bhan and many others on doing plasma catalysis.

8/28/2019: Prof. Goldsmith and Singh's project has been funded by NSF CBET E-Chem systems to work on the electrocatalytic hydrogenation of bio-oils. More details here.

6/23/2019: Goldsmith and Jinxun both gave talks at the 2019 North American Chemical Society in Chicago.

6/7/2019: Had a nice BBQ group outing at Prof. Goldsmith's house!

5/17/2019: Congrats to Frank Doherty, Jacques Esterhuizen, and Zixuan Wang for passing their Thesis Proposal Examinations!

5/15/2019: Congrats to Isaiah Barth and Samuel Young for passing the Doctoral Candidacy Examination!

5/08/2019: Goldsmith was elected to be the Secretary of the Michigan Catalysis Society Chapter of the North American Catalysis Society.

4/22/2019: Goldsmith will serve as a moderator for a session at the 2019 North American Catalysis Society Meeting titled “Modeling and Simulation of Catalysis: Machine Learning Approaches.”

4/1/2019: Congrats to Eric Musa for being selected as a UM Energy Institute Fellow this summer!

3/24/2019: Congrats to Jacob Florian for accepting to attend the Harvard Amgen Scholars program this summer!

1/26/2019: Goldsmith is co-chairing a Fundamentals of Catalysis session at the 2019 AIChE Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

11/16/2018: Goldsmith is organizing a symposium at 257th ACS National Meeting & Exposition in Orlando, Florida titled "Data Science for Catalysis Research" with Prof. H. Kulik (MIT) and Prof. H. Xin (V. Tech).

7/23/2018: Goldsmith Lab was awarded 2 million CPU hours from the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center, a DOE Office of Science User Facility. This will be very useful for our efforts to study supported nanoclusters via genetic algorithm searches and grand canonical monte carlo.

7/2/2018: Goldsmith had a great time attending the Gordon Research Conference on Catalysis, which focused on accelerating catalytic solutions to global grand challenges.

5/15/2018: Congrats to Jacques Esterhuizen (Linic/Goldsmith Lab) on passing the ChE Doctoral Candidacy Exam with distinction, which is an honor reserved for the best student (academics & research) in their first-year class.

4/14/2018: Congrats to Jacques Esterhuizen for being awarded a Rackham Predoctoral Research Grant to help carry out his proposed research.

3/21/2018: Goldsmith gave an invited talk in the Machine Learning for Catalysis Research Symposium at the ACS 255th National Meeting. The talk titled "Finding patterns, correlations, and descriptors in materials science data using subgroup discovery and compressed sensing" can be found here.

1/27/2018: Goldsmith will give a seminar at the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at UC Riverside on Feb. 9th. He will also present an educational outreach talk to the local AIChE and EWB Chapters.

1/25/2018: Goldsmith will be a Session Co-Chair for “New Developments in Computational Catalysis I” at the 2018 AIChE Annual Meeting. Goldsmith also will be a Symposium Organizer for “Understanding Catalytic Sites on Amorphous and Disordered Materials” at the ACS 256th Fall Meeting.

10/19/2018: Welcome Samuel Young, Isaiah Barth, and Eunbyeol Ko to the Goldsmith Lab! The lab team is excited to have you all on-board!

11/2/2017: The sophomore ChE students in my class presented posters on chemical processes to middle schoolers from Detroit. Check out the poster gallery to learn about chemical engineering in everyday life!

7/1/2017: What's your favorite molecule? One of Dr. Goldsmith's favorites is ammonia. See why, as well as many Nobel Laureate's favorite molecules too.

6/15/2017: Goldsmith and colleagues had their research highlighted by the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings.

6/01/2017: I am thrilled to join University of Michigan - Ann Arbor in September as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering!