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Research Overview

Our research centers on the application of chemical engineering principles to the study of fundamental problems in biology and medicine. In particular, we focus on the biochemical and biophysical mechanisms a cell uses to sense, respond to, and interact with its environment. This communication between cells and their surroundings is critical not only to normal mammalian cell function but also to the detection of foreign invaders (immunology) and the response to drugs (pharmacology). An ability to quantitatively understand and manipulate these mechanisms is thus crucial to many areas of modern biotechnology.

Our group uses mathematical modeling and theoretical approaches to study receptor-mediated phenomena. Typically, our models encompass multiple biological scales to capture emergent system-level behavior. We use our models to answer important biological questions, specifically relating to tuberculosis and cancer. The impact of this work is in the fields of biology, immunology, engineering, mathematical/theoretical biology, pharmacology, biophysics, and bioinformatics