department of chemical engineering @ the university of michigan

University of Michigan Sites

  1. Multi-Scale Modeling Consortium Website
  2. A consortium of research groups involved in multi-scale tuberculosis modeling

  3. Bioinformatics
  4. Bioinformatics at University of Michigan

  5. CBTP
  6. Cellular Biotechnology Training Program

  7. CSCS
  8. Michigan Center for the Study of Complex Systems

  9. Mathematical Biology
  10. The University of Michigan's Mathematical Biology Research Group's web page

  11. Molecular Pharmacology Bulletin Board
  12. A forum for scientific discussions related to molecular pharmacology

  13. U of M Supercomputing
  14. Center for Parallel Computing at the University of Michigan

Cellular Signaling Databases and Computational Tools

  1. Biocarta
  2. Signal Transduction Pathways and Tools

  3. STKE
  4. Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment

  5. Signaling Gateway
  6. The Alliance for Cellular Signaling gateway : A comprehensive and up-to-date resource for signal transduction

  7. G-Protein Coupled Receptors
  8. NIH's Molecular Recognition Section; data on G-protein coupled receptors

  9. Virtual Cell
  10. A remote user modeling and simulation environment where users can create biological models of various types and run simulations

  11. SigPath
  12. SigPath is an information system designed to support quantitative studies on the signaling pathways and networks of the cell