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Microkinetic Modeling in Electrocatalysis: Applications, Limitations, and Recommendations
for Reliable Mechanistic Insights.

A. Baz*, S. T. Dix*, A. Holewinski, S. Linic, Journal of Catalysis, 2021. * Co-first author

Stable and selective catalysts for propane dehydrogenation operating at thermodynamic limit.

A. H. Motagamwala, R. Almallahi, J. Wortman, V.O. Igenegbai, S. Linic, Science, 2021.

Design Principles for Efficient and Stable Water Splitting Photoelectrocatalysts

J.R. Hemmerling, A. Mathur, S. Linic, Accounts of Chemical Research, 2021.

Critical Practices in Rigorously Assessing the Inherent Activity of Nanoparticle Electrocatalysts

S. T. Dix, S. Lu and S. Linic, ACS Catalysis, 10(18), 10735-10741, 2020.

Quantifying Losses and Assessing the Photovoltage Limits in
Metal–Insulator–Semiconductor Water Splitting Systems

J. Hemmerling, J. Quinn and S. Linic, Advanced Energy Materials, 1903354, 2020.

Oxidative coupling of methane over hybrid membrane/catalyst active centers:
chemical requirements for prolonged lifetime

V. Igenegbai, R. Almallahi, R. Meyer and S. Linic, ACS Energy Letters, 4, 1465-1470, 2019.

Recent Developments in Nitrogen Reduction Catalysts: A Virtual Issue

S. Minteer, P. Christopher and S. Linic, ACS Energy Letters, 4, 163-166, 2019.

Catalytic conversion of solar to chemical energy on plasmonic metal nanostructures

U. Aslam, V. Govind Rao, S. Chavez and S. Linic, Nature Catalysis, 1, 656-665, 2018.

Design Principles for Directing Energy and Energetic Charge Flow
in Multicomponent Plasmonic Nanostructures

S. Chavez, U. Aslam and S. Linic, ACS Energy Letters, 3, 1590-1596, 2018.

Engineering the Optical and Catalytic Properties of Co-Catalyst/Semiconductor Photocatalysts

P. Hernley, S. Chavez, J. Quinn, S. Linic, ACS Photonics, 4, 979, 2017.

Analyzing Relationships between Surface Perturbations and Local Reactivity

H. Xin, S. Linic, J. Chem. Phys., 144, 234704, 2016.

Mechanism of Charge Transfer from Plasmonic Nanostructures to Chemically Attached Materials

C. Boerigter, U. Aslam, S. Linic, ACS Nano, 10, 6108, 2016.

Evidence and implications of direct charge excitation as the dominant mechanism
in plasmon-mediated photocatalysis

C. Boerigter, R. Campana, M. Morabito, S. Linic, Nature Communications, 7, 10545, 2016.

Oxidative coupling of methane over mixed oxide catalysts designed for solid oxide membrane reactors

B. Farrell, S. Linic, Catalysis Science & Technology, 6, 4370, 2016.

Electrochemical oxygen reduction reaction on Ag nanoparticles of different shapes

T. Van Cleve, E. Gibara, S. Linic, ChemCatChem, 8, 256, 2016

Direct electrochemical oxidation of ethanol on SOFCs: improved carbon tolerance
of Ni anode by alloying

B. Farrell, S. Linic, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 183, 386, 2016.

Photo-chemical transformations on plasmonic metal nanoparticles

S. Linic, U. Aslam, C. Boerigter, M. Morabito, Nature Materials, 14, 567, 2015.

Hydrothermal decarboxylation of unsaturated fatty acids over PtSnx/C catalysts

T. Yeh, R. Hockstad, S. Linic, P. Savage, Fuel, 156, 219, 2015.

High performance Ag-Co alloy catalysts for electrochemical oxygen reduction

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Deactivation of Pt Catalysts during Hydrothermal Decarboxylation of Butyric Acid

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Catalytic and Photocatalytic Transformations on Metal Nanoparticles with
Targeted Geometric and Plasmonic Properties

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Identifying optimal active sites for heterogeneous catalysis by metal alloys
based on molecular descriptors and electronic structure engineering.

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Hydrothermal catalytic production of fuels and chemicals from aquatic

T. Yeh, J. Dickinson, A. Franck, S. Linic, L. Thompson, P. Savage, J Chem Technol Biotechnol, 88, 13, 2013.

Elementary Mechanisms in Electrocatalysis: Revisiting the ORR Tafel Slope

A. Holewinski, S. Linic, J. Electrochem. Soc., 159, H864, 2012.

Design of Plasmonic Platforms for Selective Molecular Sensing Based on Surface
Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

M. Andiappan, P. Christopher, S. Linic, J. Phys. Chem. C, 116, 9824, 2012.

Plasmonic-metal nanostructures for efficient conversion of solar to chemical energy

S. Linic, P. Christopher, D. B. Ingram, Nature Materials, 10, 911, 2011.
5th most cited in Nature Materials between 2010-2016 per Google Scholar Metrics

Predictive model for the design of plasmonic metal/semiconductor composite

D. B. Ingram, P. Christopher, J. Bauer, S. Linic, ACS Catalysis, 1, 1441, 2011.

Visible light enhanced catalytic oxidation reactions on plasmonic silver nanostructures

P. Christopher, H. Xin, S. Linic, Nature Chemistry, 3, 467, 2011.
13th most cited in Nature Chemistry between 2010-2016 per Google Scholar Metrics

Water splitting on composite plasmonic-metal/semiconductor photo-electrodes:
Evidence for selective plasmon induced formation of charge carriers

D. B. Ingram, S. Linic, JACS, 133, 5202, 2011.
75th most cited in JACS between 2010-2016 per Google Scholar Metrics

High Activity Carbide Supported Catalysts for Water Gas Shift

N. Schweitzer, J. Schaidle, E. Obiefune, X. Pan, S. Linic, L. Thompson, JACS, 133, 2378, 2011.

Direct electrochemical oxidation of hydrocarbon fuels on SOFCs: Improved carbon
tolerance of Ni alloy anodes

E. Nikolla, J. Schwank, S. Linic, J. Electrochem. Soc., 156, B1312, 2009.

Two-Step Mechanism for Low-Temperature Oxidation of Vacancies in Graphene

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Hydrocarbon steam reforming on Ni alloys at solid oxide fuel cell
operating conditions

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Promotion of the long-term stability of reforming Ni catalysts by
surface alloying

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Controlling carbon surface chemistry by alloying: Carbon tolerant reforming catalyst

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Synthesis, structure, and reactions of stable oxametallacycles from styrene oxide
on Ag(111)

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Selectivity driven design of bimetallic ethylene epoxidation catalysts
from first principles

S. Linic, J. Jankowiak, M. A. Barteau, J. Catal., 224, 489, 2004.

On the mechanism of Cs-promotion in ethylene epoxidation on Ag

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Control of ethylene epoxidation selectivity by surface oxametallacycle

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