Welcome to the website for Team Mayes and Blue! We are a computational group in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!). We focus on discovering fundamental structure-function relationships that govern how proteins and sugars interact in application from renewable materials to human health.

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2018 May

The team welcomes Sam Greeley and Chloe Luyet! Sam is a rising undergraduate senior in Chemical Engineering and Chloe will begin the Chemical Engineering PhD program in the fall, both studying here at Michigan.

Congratulations to Emma Purcell on passing her preliminary qualifying exam!

2018 April

Congratulations to Tucker Burgin on passing his preliminary qualifying exam!

2018 March

Prof. Mayes shared our latest work at the ACS national meeting in New Orleans and to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Loyola University.

2018 February

Prof. Mayes presented the group’s research as part of the MICDE seminar series

2018 January

Congratulations to Youngwoo Woo on admission to the ChemE PhD program!

Congratulations to Tucker Burgin on the acceptance of his first manuscript with Team Mayes & Blue!

2017 November

Watch a video featuring our research initiatives, and the wonderful Ann Arbor Nichols Arboretum!

The team welcomes Youngwoo Woo, a material science master’s student!

2017 October

Congratulations to Tucker Burgin on earning an outstanding poster award at the Midwest Enzyme Chemistry Conference!

The team welcomes Jason Fannin, a ChemE sophomore!

2017 September

The team welcomes Carly Prast, a ChemE senior!

2017 June

The team welcomes Rohith Pentaparthy, a rising undergraduate senior studying data science and biochemistry!

2017 May

Congratulations to Alex Adams, Tucker Burgin, and Emma Purcell, who all passed their Doctoral Candidacy Exams!

2017 March

The team welcomes Justin Huber!

2017 January

The team welcomes Sam Schwartz!

2016 October

The team welcomes three new members, Tucker Burgin, Alex Adams, and Emma Purcell!

2016 August

The team welcomes our first member, Stephen Vicchio!