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Hui Feng

Hui Feng

Visiting Scholar


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Ph.D. 2009
Department of Chemical Engineering
China University of Petroleum
Dong Ying, Shan Dong
People's Republic of China

B.S.E. 2004
Department of Chemical Engineering
He Bei University of Science and Technology
Shijiazhuang, HeBei
People's Republic of China



-Research Interests-

Goal: The synthesis of hierarchical pore ZSM-5 having high hydrothermal stability and improvement catalytic activity compared to conventional ZSM-5.

Research Plan: First, I plan to synthesize the ZSM-5 zeolite with uniform mesopores on silica gel microspheres using post treatment or template method. Then I will improve the hydrothermal stability of the synthesized ZSM-5 composite materials by modifying the synthesis conditions or by introducing external components like elemental phosphorus by post synthesis treatment. Finally, I will evaluate the catalyst performance using the following probe reactions: cracking of heavy hydrocarbons, hydrocarbon reforming for hydrogen production, and HC-SCR for NOX reduction. The relationship between synthesis conditions, pore structure, acidity, hydrothermal stability, and catalytic activity will be studied in detail.